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Get a custom site optimized for SEO and mobile.

Web Design

Our customers expect a modern website that is easy to use from any device. Get a custom-designed, responsive, and mobile-friendly WordPress website design from Spears Computer World today.

We can design your website on other platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, and others. However, our strong suit is with WordPress. WordPress is our choice platform because your content can be downloaded and migrated to another server in case of an emergency. We will work closely with you to determine what platform works better for you or your company. We keep our minds open and we want to ensure that we satisfy our customers!



WordPress Websites

WordPress powers about 33% of the world’s websites. It is why we choose to make it our choice of platform to use for our clients! We are open to other platforms as well, but WordPress is our #1 platform!


eCommerce Websites

Need to sell a product or products online? We have you covered! We can design your website using WordPress, Shopify, and any other eCommerce platform. We will choose the best eCommerce platform that suits the needs of your company!

Keep up the excellent work. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product.

Samantha I.

Founder – Fantastic Inc.

Trust the process! We will follow our four-step process to ensure that we design your site to your satisfaction. We strive to keep all of our projects on track.

Our Process


Goal identification

We work with our customers to determine what their ultimate goal is. This is the initial step to work towards designing the website you need to grow your business and build your brand.


Scope definition

It is our job to provide you with the best options for your business. This is the stage in which we identify the best platform to use for you or your company. We establish timelines and deliverables to you!


Content creation

Give us your why and we will create the content that we hope will captivate and draw your audience in to want to view your website. We will make use of the many tools we have at our disposal to create the organic content you need on your website!


Visual elements

To really bring out the design of your website, we will create visual elements that are brand and theme based to bring your website to life! We promise not to over-do-it though because we want your users to have a great user experience without compromising website page speed.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the future of digital experiences. It’s a technique that allows your website, blog, or app to adapt its user interface to look great and be accessible from any device it’s viewed on.
Responsive web design is not a single technique but rather a collection of techniques and principles that can be used in combination to create websites that can respond to different screen sizes and resolutions.

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