Wix vs WordPress: Which is the Better Website Builder?

Wix and WordPress are two of the most popular website builders that you can use to create a blog. Both have their pros and cons, and the choice comes down to personal preference. In this article I’ll explain what the best platform is for you.

The WordPress Basics

Let’s start with WordPress. It is the most common and widely used blog and website builder. The fact that it is a CMS — which stands for Content Management System — means it can manage any type of website content. If you need more than that, then you can expand the platform with add-ons. It is worth it because there is a huge and ever-growing market of plugins to enhance WordPress. The downside is that there is a huge learning curve. As a result, it’s usually not a good option for a novice or a novice blogger.

What is WordPress?

The most popular CMS (Content Management System) for website builders, WordPress makes it easy for you to make changes to your website through text editors and publish your content. It also has a range of premium themes and plugins available to improve the look of your website, as well as tools for managing your content and publishing your products. One of the best things about WordPress is the way that it helps you improve your site’s SEO by allowing you to add content rich descriptions and keywords. These are typically entered in a ‘description box’ at the top of every page, allowing you to write content that is relevant to your site’s audience, and also has a clear purpose.

How to get started with WordPress

The easiest way to get started with WordPress is to create a free WordPress.com account. It’ll take you just a few minutes to create a brand new site, then you’ll be ready to share it with the world. If you prefer a different platform, that’s OK. You can even continue to use WordPress.com on a free account, although it may limit you to only free themes and widgets (don’t worry, there are tons of free themes and widgets available). At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference. If you want a more personalized website builder, Wix is a good choice. If you prefer more of a fully featured option with more control over your website, WordPress is a better choice. Page builders for WordPress also make it a little easier to use WordPress!

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based website builder. It allows you to create a website based on a template, or upload your own images, graphics, and text. You can then customize your site with a Wix store where you can sell your products or create a site which includes a store. Wix offers free templates with the website builder, but you’ll need to buy a store membership to start selling products. Once you’ve registered your store, you can either sell products in your own store, or partner up with an affiliate partner to sell products that you’ve pre-picked, or you can use affiliate links. What is WordPress? WordPress is open source. This means that you can download and use it as you please.

How to get started with Wix

Wix’s full website builder platform is free. You don’t need to pay for a starter plan. You can start with a simple, free site using a template and design, then upgrade later. You don’t have to be an expert to create your own website. There’s a simple drag-and-drop builder. You can choose themes or create your own. You can add pages and posts and galleries, write your own content and photos, use third-party tools to enhance your website and have your site set up with a nice marketing image. You don’t have to design the site yourself With many website builders you are expected to design your own website. This is more demanding, and it’s less interesting and convenient than building your site using an online editor.

Which should you choose?

Wix has great marketing in the US. However, I wouldn’t recommend using it in the UK, as there is a noticeable lack of relevant content to it. It is aimed at an American audience, and many local authors might find it difficult to get their content promoted. However, the the key focus of Wix is on providing fun stuff for their target audience. It also has a blog, but its blog isn’t particularly useful for authors and bloggers. Many features of the platform are not relevant to bloggers. In addition, its advertising is poor. The U.S. version of WordPress is aimed at creatives. But, it lacks the bells and whistles that someone who is seriously committed to their work might require.


The best website builder is going to depend on what you want to do with your site. If you just want to create a blog and manage it through your web browser then Wix is the best option, but if you want to make your blog a professional business or technical resource, then WordPress is the best. WordPress is still one of the best website builders on the market, but the last two updates to the software have caused some issues that could deter many users. The first update introduced security and stability issues, and the second update removed the free features available to all users of the software, but the biggest issue for me was that the plugin integrations of the software were removed.

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