Why You Should Use NordVPN?

Why You Should Use NordVPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network for those of you are not familar with what it is.

VPNs are useful when surfing with internet to make online transactions. A VPN will keep you anonymous online and will mask your actual IP address. To check your IP address, I'd suggest you try the website https://www.myip.com

When checking your IP address, you will typically see your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a unique ip Address. When you browse the web your IP address is visible and some websites are able to log that information.

In order to keep your information and data secure, you'll need a VPN. Use an Amazon firestick to stream? You'll need a VPN to ensure that your device doesn't get hacked. Want to keep your ISP from throttling your internet speeds? We recommend NORDVPN. It is one of the most trusted and one of the best vpn providers.

With NORDVPN you will be able to browse the web with peace of mind. NORDVPN does not log your info and has high-speed servers to ensure that you're able to stream content via NetFlix and other streaming services.

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