Why Nobody Cares About Web Design

In the age of the social media, I often hear some entrepreneurs say, “I don’t need a website for my products. I can sale my products on Facebook Market or on Instagram.”

While the quote above holds some validity, I personally would respectfully disagree with the statement. I believe that entrepreneurs should have a website that includes your product. Overtime, search engines will pick up your organic content. It’s a plus if you blog on your website. Food for thought: What if Facebook or Instagram goes down? We have seen instances of this happening.

Why nobody cares about web design?

  1. Social media is convenient and free.

With smartphones being some commonly used, buying or selling a product via social media is convenient. You don’t have to pay to post your content. You simply post it on say Instagram and an interested customer with leave a comment or write you a direct message. If the client is local you can arrange to deliver in person or still ship it. For those not local, you would accept PayPal or some other e-commerce app that allows you to accept payment.
2. Free Marketing

With social media, you do not have to pay someone to market your product. Hashtags via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram could help land potential customers.


I like using social media but it is not the only means of getting organic followers. Having a website will allow your content to be searchable on Google and other search engines. If Facebook were to close today you would lose everything. Of course you can download the your data, but your business is basically offline.

With a website you can own your content and can backup your files when moving from a host like Godaddy to another host.

Am I saying you should not use social media? Absolutely not! I’ve seen many successful influencers who have made their mark on social media. All I’m saying is having a website can help aid in growing your business.

Do you have a website for your business or do you use social media only?