Tips to driving traffic to your website using pinterest

Pinterest is a pinboard site for people who love looking at pictures. It’s a great way to get new traffic. In fact, Pinterest is the No. 1 referral source for organic traffic to websites . It’s a great way to get traffic from Pinterest to your site.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a site that people use to collect images of things they like to create images of those things. Users can find images of a specific thing (such as a street sign) and then create a board. They can share the image with people that follow them. For instance, if they like a beach, they can share the image of a beach on their board and then people can follow that board.

Why should you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site?

#1 Pinterest is a place where people gather. They like to be inspired. They like to be inspired by other people.

#2 Pinterest drives traffic to you. You don’t have to find people to like your site. They go to you.

#3 You can have fun on Pinterest. So, go and be a part of the community.

#4 On Pinterest people pin stuff they like, not just what other people are pinning. So, the ideas they pin are often unique and original.

#5 Pinterest is an online community. So, even though it’s not a customer, it’s a community of like-minded people who are in search of inspiration.

#6 Pinterest allows people to create boards and pages. So, there’s the chance that if you have a cool idea, you can have other people come to you with ideas.

How to use Pinterest for driving traffic to your site

If you’re new to Pinterest, I recommend checking out the Pinterest website.

You can follow others to learn about what pins they like and get ideas from them.

Click on an interesting pin to learn more about it and what it’s about.

You can browse all the pins pinned by others that you like.

Click the “add to my boards” link on a pin to make it part of a board you’ve created.

Join a public Pinterest group and start pinning.

There are more ways to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

For example, you can use Pin It Now to generate more sales and sales leads for you products.

Want to learn more about Pinterest? Here’s a great Pinterest 101 course.


In the beginning you may find Pinterest to be challenging, but you can get around the hurdles if you put in the time and effort. It’s a great way to grow your business.

What are your thoughts about Pinterest?

Do you use Pinterest? If so, how?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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