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The importance of having a fast website

Today, websites are one of the primary communication channels between companies and customers. It is almost impossible to conduct any sort of business without a website, and that is the way people expect it. The better that website performs, the more potential customers you will attract, which will ultimately lead to more sales. And while most people can agree that a site should be visually appealing, there is another aspect that is just as important: the site needs to load quickly.

Google rewards fast websites

Our research has found that a site’s page speed impacts two important things: – User experience: A fast site is a more enjoyable site. When a site is slow, users are more likely to leave your site and start looking for what they want elsewhere. – Search engine ranking: The Google page speed algorithm (called Google Page Speed Insights) rewards fast sites by giving them a better search engine ranking. This is why it is important to ensure your site is fast and will remain fast for as long as possible.

How we can help

At Spears Computer World, we can discuss ways to ensure that your website runs fast and can obtain top scores on Google’s Page Speed Insights. We like to lead by example so check out our scores for our website!

Schedule a free consultation with us while they last! We would love for you to become one of clients! Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Contact us to find out ways you can increase the speed of an existing website or if you’d like for us to design your website to obtain similar results as shown in the images above.

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