The Best 5 Website Builders And What They Look Like

August 12, 2019
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John Spears,Jr.

The Best 5 Website Builders And What They Look Like

When you want to promote a business or to advertise your services it is wise to design your own website. And it leads us to one question. How to create a website? It is wise to buy a website builder for this purpose. With such a tool you can avoid redundant coding and save a lot of time. Moreover, you need no special coding skills to make a website with website builder. Or even without coding at all. It means that creating a personal website will be easy for anyone. Besides, they cost cheap compared to the amount of work they do instead of you.

1. Novi Builder

With Novi Builder you can use many pre-developed HTML templates and plugins. It is reliable and multifunctional choice.

Novi Builder Pros

  • At first, when you buy Novi Builder you get access to a huge library of well-designed HTML Templates. You can use them as a fundament for your website.
  • In addition, this library grows constantly due to regular updates.
  • Included HTML templates are highly responsive and reliable.
  • You will also get 20 plugins included in Novi.
  • With Novi you can simply drag and drop website elements. It is easy to design your own website with such a tool.
  • If you buy a developer subscription you will get a lifetime membership. It provides you with all features Novi has for a lifetime period.
  • Affordable prices.

Cons of Novi Website Builder

  • This product has one notable disadvantage. Yet, it is not that big. When it comes to Novi you need basic coding skills. And it may be easier for you to create your own website with Novi after some HTML practice.


Novi has a Startup, Advanced and Developer membership plans. All billed annually.

Novi visual HTML editorNovi visual HTML editorLifetime access to Novi visual HTML editor
Novi pluginsNovi pluginsLifetime access to Novi plugins
Unlimited projectsUnlimited projectsLifetime unlimited projects
Free updatesFree updatesLifetime free updates
Developer supportDeveloper supportLifetime developer support
30-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Multipurpose HTML template20+ HTML templatesLifetime access to all Novi templates
Sell your templates empowered by Novi builder

2. Wix

Wix is a website builder that includes many useful tools. It is easy to use and highly responsive. And if you want to play with design Wix is a great option. It gives you a lot of freedom for creativity.

Pros of Wix

  • Wix editor allows you to play with design and create a product you want.
  • It includes Corvid open platform for developers.
  • You will also like Wix ADI. It is an artificial intellect developed for web designers. It can develop a website from blocs after you insert a minimum of information.

Cons of Wix

  • A free version includes advertisements.
  • Sometimes Wix ADI doesn’t work perfectly.


You can simply purchase a domain or submit to one of three pricing plans.

It costs 4.50 $ for a domain. The basic subscription costs 8.50 and will be useful for personal use. While Unlimited submission suits perfectly business and freelancers. You can also get a VIP membership plan with many other useful features.

3. WordPress

This website builder is the most famous. WordPress is a platform for many modern websites and it is quite popular among developers.

Pros of WordPress

  • It is a free open-source platform.
  • Full control over the development of your web project.
  • It is easy to use top WordPress themes.
  • A large developers community.

Cons of WordPress

  • For many developers t is not easy to use WordPress. It may take some time to adjust.


It is a free web development platform. Yet, it includes a Personal, Premium, Business and E-Commerce subscription plans. Each of them has its own additional features.

4. Squarespace

Need something extremely easy-to-use? Then you need Squarespace. It is also popular and multifunctional.

Pros of Squarespace

  • Fully editable online projects.
  • Drag and drop feature that can save a lot of your time.
  • E-Commerce features.
  • You can choose among monthly and annual payment plans.

Cons of Squarespace

  • It is more suitable for small projects.
  • Too few functions and elements to develop a reliable big web development project.


You can purchase a personal plan subscription for $12. It also has a Business plan for $18, Basic Commerce plan for $26 and advanced commerce plan for $40.

5. Creating a Personal website with Weebly

Weedly is a website builder develop to design simple websites. Yet it is a great option if you need a well-developed design.

Pros of Weebly

  • All pre-developed themes have useful tools and features
  • Drag and drop feature, similar to Wix
  • Useful SEO tools

Cons of Weebly

  • The main disadvantage is that you can not add elements developed not by Weebly.
  • Too few functions and elements to develop a reliable big web development project.


  • Weebly has a free plan that allows you to design your own website, yet it has limited options. It also has a Connect plan, Pro plan, Business plan, and Business Plus plan.


I hope that with one of this website builder you will know how to develop a website. It will be wise to visit a website for each product and see more features. And do not forget that each of them has its pros and cons. For example, WordPress is the most popular builder. While Novi Builder includes tons of useful templates. And Weebly allows you to create a perfect, yet simple website. Keep in mind all these features to make the best choice.

And I hope that my list of top website builder can help you with this choice.

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