Social Media is the new customer care portal

Great customer service or customer care is vital in maintaining healthy relationships with your customers. Poor customer service will almost yield a lost in customer base no matter how good your product may be. We are accustomed to talking with customer service reps on the telephone, but with advancements in technology, the internet has made chatting online possible.

In fact, I tend to use the chat feature over calling a customer service rep unless there is an extreme issue that I will need to talk to a representative about. With the chat feature, I am able to have the chat between me and the representative emailed to me. This ensures that I have everything on record to review in case of a mix on a bill, etc.

Now with the emergence of social media in recent years, companies have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to provide customer care. This is a very vital component to a company’s success. You may ask why? With the dominance of smartphones and smart devices, people are connected to friends, families, and brands instantly. Social media allows customers to interact with their favorite brand. Poor customer care via social media can always make or break the companies ability to reach. Not only companies but those of you who are brand ambassadors and influencers who have a huge following or may be just starting out. Great customer care via social media can add to your following and pay huge dividends.

Companies like Facebook allow businesses to respond via Facebook Messenger. Facebook has an algorithm that calculates the response time for that business. As a business owner, you should try to respond as fast as possible. Be sure to turn on notifications on your smartphone so you won’t miss any potential customers. 

As a customer looking to spend money at a business, response time is a key component especially if are looking for a service due to an emergency (i.e. laptop repair to finish to important business proposal or assignment for school). Below is an example of a page that I manage for my church I attend. 

As you can see from the image below, the church page has a 11-hour response time (50% response rate). Initially, I managed the page via a laptop and then I install Facebook Page Manger for iOS and Facebook Page Manager for Android to help with notifications. Since we don’t normally get that many messages via our church page, it may take some time to get the response rate improved. The key is to respond to messages quickly as possible.

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