Review:NESBEAT Portable Wireless Audio Receiver

Review: NESBEAT Portable Wireless Audio Receiver

The NESBEAT Portable Wireless Audio Receiver is simply designed. It includes a micro-USB charging cable, aux port adapter, and an aux cable cord. The receiver also includes a built-in microphone for taking hands-free calls.

While using the audio receiver, I preferred using the aux port adapter because I wanted to minimize the amount of cables used. To pair with a Bluetooth enabled device, simply turn on Bluetooth on your smart device and look for “NESBEAT BT.” The flashing blue and red lights on the power button will then blink blue slowly. Your device is now paired with the receiver. Now enjoy listening to music in your car wirelessly. 

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Overall Impressions 

The NESBEAT Portable Wireless Audio Receiver is easy to setup and pair. The sound quality is excellent and makes listening to music convenient. This especially useful for vehicles with no built-in Bluetooth capabilities.

Where to Buy

You can buy the device from Amazon

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