Monstroid 2 Theme Review 

When it comes to movie sequels, they say that the sequel is not always good as the first one. That statement may be true for a movie but when it comes to the Monstroid 2 WordPress Template, it definitely is better than its forefather (foretemplate) the Monstroid WordPress Template. The Monstroid WordPress theme was packed with child themes, cherry plugins and framework, and other features that would take all day to write and name.

The Monstroid 2 WordPress Template is packed with many features that you will surely love. In this review, I will show you how to install the theme, my top 3 favorite features, and give our overall impressions of the Monstroid 2 WordPress Template!

Installing Monstroid 2

Installing Monstroid 2 is not difficult at all, but will require that your host server meets requirements to ensure that your website will run efficiently. The parameters that you will want to make sure meet the server requirements are your PHP version, memory limit, and max execution time. Below, I will show you the recommended values you can use to ensure that your new website will run smoothly as possible.

Template Monster recommends using InMotion Hosting. InMotion and Template Monster have a partnership and with that partnership your Monstroid 2 will meet the system information requirements. If you have another hosting company, you can contact your hosting provider and have them change the system parameters for you.

If you are tech nerd like me, you like to bypass the hosting provider and do it yourself. You will need to edit or upload either a PHP5.ini or .user.ini file to your server via a third-party ftp softare like Filezilla. If your access to the Cpanel with your hosting provider you will be able to access the File Manager and also edit or upload the PHP5.ini or .user.ini files. To help expedite the process for you I have provided you the file you will need to upload for your server. You may want to upload both if you are unsure which file your host requires.

Download Files

I have also provided a video that will walk you through the rest of the installation. By uploading the files to meet the minimal server requirements, you will be able to install the Monstroid 2 with no issues at all.

(show video)

Top 3 Features

Monstroid 2 comes  packed with several features that will help you to build website for you or your clients! For a list of all the features, click here. In this review, I will discuss the three top features I love about this theme and why!


The GPL License is huge! Most templates you have to pay for it and then pay a yearly fee to receive updates. With Monstroid 2, you pay a one-time fee and you will receive updates for free! Also, you can use the Monstroid 2 template for any project you are working on! I have seen other builders on the market and they are great products. The only downside is that you have to pay to get updates after a year. Other competitors like Divi does offer a life-time membership for a one-time fee, but with Monstroid 2 offering a $75 price tag with free updates forever is a pretty great deal! I will be doing a Divi vs Monstroid 2 showdown soon!


Have you ever used a template that had plugins you wish you could use on other projects?The Monstroid 2 is packed with so many plugins that you will be able to use on any project because of the GPL License! That means you will have access to the event calendar, the booking plugin, and much more! Each plugin is fully integrated with Monstroid 2 to give you a seamless experience!


Changing from theme to theme should be a smooth a transition as possible. One thing that I ran into when I’d use Divi for a client is the shortcode that it would leave when changing themes. It is extremely messy and will leave you frustrated during a time when you need to get a project migrated.

With Monstroid 2, the template developers pride themeselves with creating a template that has clean code and does not leave alot of shortcodes. If you use the cherry shortcodes you will see those lingering around if you don’t use them in another project. However, it does not leave alot of code like divi does with its builder.

Having a theme that has clean code gives you peace of mind to know that you can develop a project and migrate or change themes without having to lose all of your content. If you are using Divi, you better plan on using it for a long time. If you are like me and you like to use various templates, Monstroid 2 seems to be the better option.

 Final Thoughts

Monstroid 2 is definitely a step in the right direction from Monstroid. With the GPL License, you can use Monstroid 2 on various projects and gives you several creative options for your projects. With all the plugins available to you or your project, you will be able to create pretty awesome websites for various clients. There are no limits with Monstroid 2! Because Template Monster developers are committed to this project you will be able to have access to future updates that include new child themes and maintenance updates that will ensure your Monstroid 2 created website is running like it is supposed to!

One thing I would love to see in a future update is front-end editing capabilities! I believe this will put Monstroid 2 on par with the competition! A short-term fix would be to allow users to preview content on the backend before publishing any content to a webpage!

Since we are an affiliate with Template Monster, you can buy the Monstroid 2 template from us for $75. Let us know in the comments if you have tried Monstroid 2! We’d love to hear from you!


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