Marketing with LinkTree for Instagram

When thing I’ve been trying to do is use social media to market my blog, products, and other business endeavors! When I would make a post on Instagram, I’d have to use the phrase: “Click the link in my bio.” That phrase was commonly used by all Instagramers as a means to get the user to click the link to go to an external link. In fact, you can click on any of the pictures from my Instagram feed and I’m sure you’ll find the hashtag #linkinbio

But what happens when I want to use more than one link or try to market more than one product? That’s where LinkTree comes in. LinkTree allows you to add multiple links in the form of a button or tab. Each button allows for a title and a URL to a link. Once you’ve setup each link for each button you can preview how the links will be viewed from your smart device. It is also the view other people will see. 

Use Linktree to market

How does Linktree help with marketing?

I’m glad you asked! Once you place the linktree link in your Instagram bio, you’ll be all set. You’ll now be able to put as many links as you’d like. Got a YouTube Channel? You can link it! Got a new blog post? You can like that too! If you’re doing a special promotion you can link that to your linktree and then guide your social media followers to that link in your bio. Instead of having access to just one link, you now are able to reach a larger audience with several links.

At Spears Computer World, I have seen growth in affiliate marketing sales. People may have clicked on my linktree link from my Instragram profile to view a new blog post. However, they may have seen another link in my linktree that caught their eye. Not only do I have traffic going to my blog, but now people see what else I have to offer. I have seen sales on my affiliate account with Template Monster increase. I recently had a sale from someone in Canada. The point is you never know who you will reach and where that reach may come from!

Linktree on Instagram Proflie

So is Linktree Free or what?

Something like that! In fact there is a free and a pro version. In a nutshell, the free version lets you post several buttons and you can even know how many people click on that button/link. The pro version gets deep into analytics and gives you more insight on what is happening with when people click the link. My recommendation is to choose whatever works for you. Right now, we are using the free version. As we see more progress and results we will move to the pro version! My advice to you reading this is to work your way up. Don’t be afraid to start with the free version of anything.

Linktree price comparison

If you are currently using Linktree, let me know what package you are using. I’d love to hear your success stories. Sound off in the comments!