How to Increase Conversions: 5 Simple Sales Tips for Your Website

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Websites are the virtual storefronts of today’s businesses. They’re a stage on which companies perform, an avenue through which they showcase their products and services, and a voice that speaks directly to customers who might be interested in what they have to offer. In short, your site is your most important sales tool. High-quality websites increase brand awareness and drive conversions, meaning more visitors become paying customers. If you want to increase conversions for your e-commerce business, we’ve got some tips for you. Keep reading to learn how you can implement these 5 tips to boost those conversion rates.

Be clear and honest about what you’re selling

If your customers can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly abandon your site. If they feel misled or aren’t sure what they should do next, they’ll abandon your site, too. If you want to increase conversions, you have to make sure your customers know exactly what you’re selling and how they can buy it. Make sure you have clear, concise product descriptions that are honest and don’t mislead your customers. If you’re selling a couch, don’t describe it as a bed. If you’re selling a camera, don’t describe it as a phone. If you want to increase conversions, be clear about what you’re selling.

Ask for the sale

You can lead visitors to your site with great content, like blog posts and product descriptions, but at some point you need to ask them to take the next step and make a purchase. If you want to increase conversions, don’t wait for customers to make the leap on their own. Instead, prompt them to make a purchase by prompting them with a call-to-action (CTA) of some sort. Start a blog post with an enticing title and an invitation to read more, and then ask them to buy your product at the end. End a product image slideshow with a “Buy Now” button. You get the idea. If you want to increase conversions, don’t wait for customers to make the jump to purchasing. Ask them to take that leap.

Make sure your site is user-friendly

If you’re getting lots of traffic and lots of sales, congratulations — you’re probably doing something right. But you can do even better with a few minor tweaks to your website. First, make sure it’s mobile-friendly. These days, a significant number of customers are browsing your site from their mobile devices, and you don’t want to drive them away due to a poorly designed mobile site. Second, make sure your checkout process is simple and intuitive. This includes site navigation and payment options. Your site should be easy enough to navigate that customers can find what they’re looking for without getting frustrated or giving up. And your payment options should make it easy for customers to buy the product they want with the method they prefer. If you want to increase conversions, make sure your site is user-friendly.

Optimize your website with videos and photos

Are you selling a product or service that would be best-suited to visual aids? If so, you could benefit from incorporating videos and photos into your site. While written content is valuable, customers can learn more from visual aids. For example, if you’re selling a product that requires assembly, a video could show customers how to complete the task. If you’re selling a product that’s used in a certain way, like a camera that’s used to take special photographs, a video can show customers how to use it. If you’re selling a service, a video could show customers the process you use. Using videos and photos to optimize your site can also help you stand out against your competition. If many of your competitors have lots of high-quality images and written content, using video and photos can set you apart. If you want to increase conversions, optimize your site with videos and photos.

Don’t rely on Organic Search

If you’re relying on organic search traffic to bring customers to your site, you’re likely setting yourself up for disappointment. The process of ranking organically in search engines is long and arduous, and not every company can do it. And even if you can, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a significant amount of traffic from it. Companies that have enough budget to pay for paid search traffic, however, can rely on it for consistent, significant traffic and, as a result, consistent sales. If you want to increase conversions, don’t rely on Organic Search to bring customers to your site. Instead, invest in paid search traffic.

Bottom line

If you want to increase conversions, you have to pay attention to every aspect of your site. Your product descriptions have to be clear and honest, you have to ask customers to take the final step and make a purchase, your site has to be user-friendly and optimized with videos and photos, and you can’t rely on Organic Search to bring customers to your site. If you do these things, you’re well on your way to increasing your conversion rates.

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