From BlackBerry to Android to BlackBerry Again!

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From BlackBerry to Android to BlackBerry Again!

Cracked Z10
In January 2014, I cracked the screen on my BlackBerry Z10 by accidentally dropping it on my desk at work. At first I thought the phone was fine, but when I picked it up from the floor I realized it was not ok. Initially, I thought the cracked screen would be my only problem, but when I tried to use the phone it didn’t function correctly. I was able to power on the device and make it to the home screen, but I was unable to use any of the gestures. Since the BlackBerry Z10 doesn’t have any buttons on the front of the phone, I was unable to unlock the phone at all.
LG Optimus Pro G

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To hold me over, I was able to purchase a new LG Optimus Pro G for $.99 on a two year contract with AT&T. I enjoyed using the phone because I was able to download more apps than I could on my BlackBerry Z10. There are some cool features on the LG device that I loved and wish that BlackBerry could/would implement. However, as I used the phone I began to miss some of the basic things such as the keyboard and the email. On March 10, 2014 (my birthday), I was able to purchase a BlackBerry Q10 from a good friend of mine.

BlackBerry Q10
Although I miss the screen real estate from my BlackBerry Z10, the keyboard from the Q10 makes up for it. The virtual keyboard on the Z10 did have the cool feature of flick words to complete sentences, but the Q10 allows me to type more accurately. Stay tuned for more!

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