Elementor Pro is

Elementor it's the most advanced drag & drop page builder. Any theme, any page.

Although I will be discussing the pro version of Elementor, I would like to let you know that there is a free version. The free version has several modules that you can use to start designing your website. What I love most about Elementor is that it can truly be used with any WordPress Theme. Download the free version now before trying the pro version.


If you’re a designer with no coding experience, Elementor makes designing your WordPress site easy. Think of it as the Wix or Squarespace builder for WordPress. All of your changes on done on the front-end and you’ll be able to edit text and images on the fly. The drop and drag capability will have you designing your website within hours and you’ll be able to save alot of time.


Love to code? Elementor has an HTML module and allows for the editing of custom css. This will allow developers the opportunity to expand website designs beyond what Elementor can do. Elementor allows one to live code css and html to get the design you desire for your site or your client’s site. Get started with Elementor Pro right now to take your website design to the next level.

Why Elementor?

Unlike Divi or Visual Composer, Elementor will not leave nasty shortcodes when you attempt to try to use another WordPress theme. Elementor is adaptive and will take on the color scheme of your theme. Prepare to be amazed at the things you can accomplish with Elementor. Don’t just take my word for it!

You will also have Pro modules at your disposal such as Facebook comments, Facebook pages, and Facebook like widget. You will be able to create and edit forms live. It doesn’t stop there; Watch the video on the right to learn more and see how simple and easy it is to use Elementor.

First Look at Elementor Pro

What do I think about Elementor?

Simply put: I think Elementor page builder is a step in the right direction. I have used WP Bakery page builder, Divi, Visual Composer Pro, and many other builders for WordPress. Each one serves it purpose and I love different features from each. However, where Elementor does it for me is no shortocodes when switching themes. Trust me when I say it is a headache trying to change a theme. You have to delete the shortcodes and then add or replace content. I normally have to view the preview page of the website and copy of the text and screenshot the layout so I’ll remember how the page was setup. That should be the way a page builder should operate. Elementor removes that worry and fear of hoping to change your theme design.

In fact, I changed my design for Spears Computer World using Elementor. Initially, I was using Power builder, but I wanted to try Elementor. Since then I have upgraded to Elementor Pro and have not looked back. With more time hands-on, I will do a video review of Elementor Pro to give you all a visual of what Elementor + Elementor Pro can do!

If you are currently using Elementor Pro for your website, please share a link to your website in the comments below! I’d love to view your website!

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