E1f9 Error Code Whirlpool Washer

John Spears Jr.
John Spears, Jr.
August 1, 2019

E1f9 Error Code Whirlpool Washer

E1F9 error code whirlpool washer

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E1F9 error code for whirlpool is an error code that means your drain pump is clogged and needs to be cleaned or means something is obstructing the drain pump.

This shows you a way to troubleshoot your Whirlpool washer if your display shows an E1/F9 error code. You may also see a code for SD. You either have too many Sid's from too much detergent (SD code) or your drain pump filter maybe clogged (E1/F9). This fix is easy to do without having to spend money for a tech to come out and do it for you. The 1/4 socket is recommended to remove the screws at the bottom of the cover where drain filter is located.  

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One comment on “E1f9 Error Code Whirlpool Washer”

  1. I just wanted to thank you for this video. My wife is in healthcare and at midnight last night this error code showed up and all of her work cloths were half washed. Watching this video I was able to fix it and her her cloths rewashed.

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