Design Evo: The Free Online Logo Designer

Why Design Evo?

It’s free, but that’s not  the #1 reason you should try Design Evo! It also has several icons to choose froms and fonts. It’s fully customizable so you’ll be able to create some unique logos for your company, clients, or personal projects.

Overall Impressions

Design Evo is simple to use and has several icons and fonts to choose from in order to create the logo design you desire. The interface is very user friendly so you won’t have a hard time navigating the online designer.
I’d like to see something similar to FotoJet online designer; You can upload project files to edit an existing project. The implementation of a save project function would really make this online logo designer much better.
In order to give you a better feel on how the Design Evo Online Logo Designer works, check out the YouTube video review below. Leave a comment on this post if you have tried out Design Evo for any of your projects or for your clients.

Video Review: Design Evo Online Logo Designer

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