New Version of Sticky Password Review

Sticky Password has recently been updated.  If you are wondering what some of the differences are, we will show you. Sticky Password comes in a free version and a premium version ($19.99 for 1 year)!  There are 11 features available for Sticky Password if you go with the Premium version and only six features if you go with the free version.  It all depends on what you needs are.  You get a better deal with the premium, but the free version still ensures security for your passwords for your favorite apps and websites you frequently use or visit.

In this day and age, cyber criminals are looking to exploit not only PCs, but smartphones.  You mind will be at ease to know that Sticky Password offers the best security with encrypting your data.  You will see from the photo below that Sticky Password offers “a bulletproof vest for your passwords.” List in the photo are four key reasons why Sticky Password is absolutely secure! Sticky Password uses “AES-256 – the world’s leading encryption standard. Optional synchronization via local Wi-Fi – your encrypted data never leaves your devices. Biometric authentication.”    
Only one password to remember

  1. Sticky Password manages all your passwords and personal data
  2. Automatically fills in forms for you
  3. Generates extra-strong new passwords, whenever you need them
  4. Stores credit card numbers for express checkout

Comparison to its Competitors
When buying or trying a software for the first time, you definitely want to see how it stacks against some other competitors in the in password security industry. Sticky Password is by far one of the best password managers in the industry.  Sticky Password allows Wi-Fi synchronization, fingerprint scanning, the user controls his or her data, and the team at AVG has had a hand in this software.

Where can I find Sticky Password and is it available for my device?
Sticky Password is available for Windows and Mac desktops and laptops. It is also available on iOs, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry 10 devices (OS 10.2 or higher to install apk files directly from device), and Kindle. To find the right software for your device, click here to be directed to the download page.

Hands-On Review of Sticky Password
We have put together a brief overview of the software to show what the software has. In a later video we will demonstrate exactly what the software can do as far as helping to fill out forms on a webpage, etc.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay in the know!

Overall Impressions

Sticky Password is currently been used on my BlackBerry Z10 device. I feel that I have a powerful combination with using a BlackBerry and using the Sticky Password Manager to secure my important information.  One can never be too secure!! Although the User interface hasn’t changed much, there are some neat additions added to make things easier for the user. With that being said our rating of the software is 8.5/10.  For more info, go to the Sticky Password website!

Sticky Password 7 Review

“Speed up and secure online transactions with Sticky Password 7. You get anytime, anywhere login and form-filling that’s both safe and automatic, thanks to strong password creation, management and synchronization across all your devices. Sticky Password is integrated directly into your browser, so it’s convenient and secure! Keyloggers can’t read your input, so your sensitive personal information is safe from hackers. One license secures access for all your devices.”

The user is able to our seamlessly sync passwords between devices–meaning you can access the information from your laptop on your smartphone. This ensures that you are able to access all your important web accounts, etc while on the go!

For more info, go to the Sticky Password website.  To see the software in action, check out the YouTube video below: