Remo Optimizer – Speed Up, Clean Up and Fix PC Review

Tired of dealing with a slow computer? Remo Optimizer will help you speed up your pc, clean junk files, and fix pc errors. We all get annoyed when the computer that once operated smoothly becomes slow.

Remo Optimizer is a revolutionary advanced PC System Tool that speeds up and cleans up your computer with one click. Remo Optimizer runs on your computer in the background and keeps your PC running like new.

Remo Optimizer de-fragments your hard drive, removes all the temporary and junk files, scans and repairs your computer registry and manages your start up items – PLUS A LOT MORE!”
 Remo Optimizer scans your computer for errors and issues as well as warning info. The optimizer found a total of 627 errors on my laptop.  It also lists details about your device! Check out some of the other things that Remo Optimizer repairs.

Seem like something you’d be interested in using? Are you a current user of Remo Optimzer? Let us know! We always like to hear from our readers! Buy on Amazon here.

Review: Magix Fastcut

Our friends at Magix allowed us to review one of their latest products Fastcut.  Fastcut lets you create videos that are just as exciting as your adventures. Various action templates make editing recordings from GoPro and other actions cams easier than ever before. Plus they can automatically cut your footage to fit the beat of the music.  

Some important features from the software include the following:

    • Easy-to-use controls: Start the program & you’re ready to go
    • Movie Wizard for automatic video editing with
    • special action templates such as Surfing and Bike Trip
    • Cinema-quality effects: Animated transitions and templates
    • Spectacular music: Suitable for different video lengths

    Proxy video editing optimized for GoPro:

    • Smoothly edit 4K & HD action cam videos
    • Automatic image enhancements such as image stabilization
    • Audio filter for removing wind noise
    • Designed to work with all standard action cams
    • Present videos anywhere: On TV, mobile devices or online (share on FaceBook or YouTube)

    One of the things we loved about the software was the ability to user friendliness of the interface. It is easy to find exactly what you need.  To see the software in action, check out our hands on experience with the software below:

    So what are you waiting for? Go Pro Cam users will be able to especially use this software for action packed footage. If you want to give this software a try, you may download the trial version of the software, here.  If you are looking to buy the software, you will be happy to find that it is on sale for $49.99 (regular price, $69.99).

    Got any questions? Please leave a comment if you have something you need us to address about Fastcut!

    SmartSoft Invoices Review

    SmartSoft Invoices is a desktop solution, which automates the entire process of invoice processing including scanning, data extraction and classification. It can scan directly paper documents or import PDF files, followed by validation, sorting and archiving to speed up your accounts payable process.
    SmartSoft Invoices provides various output formats such as CSV, XML, PDF and others, as well as direct integration with QuickBooks, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.
    SmartSoft invoices improves your paper flow, saves time and money and reduces manual errors.

    One thing we love about the software is it’s ability to import an existing invoice. The software is able to validate the total and subtotals to ensure that your invoice is correct. It allows one to save time while verifying that the information is accurate.

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    YouiDraw Drawing Review

    Design on the Cloud – YouiDraw

    Create stunning vector Graphic design with YouiDraw online. It’s like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw but it works with html5 and Cloud Drive. So there’s no software to download, install and config. You can access your work anytime, anywhere. Suddenly, your creativity is unleashed! 

    YouiDraw features include the following:

    Highlight Function:
    1. Template & Style
    You have hundreds of different style to apply, include gradient, simple and artistic styles. Many different kinds of shapes and basic icons you can use to create your work quickly. Templates graphic will improve your work and help you to get high efficiency!

    2. Many different kinds of Tools you can use, such as: Pen, Pencil, Brush, Switch elements to point edit mode, straight line, curve arc, etc,.

    3. Easy create text & shapes:
    Use shapes and text button create a shape into canvas: rectangle, round-corner rectangle, ellipse, convex, concave, gear.

    4. Text & Shape Effects Fill:
    Set color, gradient or pattern for your design; Stroke: The Solid, Dotted, Dashed, DashDoted four types stroke; Opacity; Drop Shadow / Inner Shadow; Outer Glow / Inner Glow; Reflection & Blur effect; Light Effect: 3 different light onto your shape or text to get more amazing artistic effect.

    5. SVG insert & edit:
    Change to edit mode, you can see some point on it, Click and drag the point to change position, or double click to change the point to curve. Use the assist point to change curve, or hold “command” or “control” key to adjust one of two assist point.

    6. Transform:
    Change Size, Position, Scale, Skew and Rotate for your shape or text. Align for multiple shapes at once. Adjust order for shapes, take it forward or backward, to top or bottom.

    7. Shape combine Five different combine mode: Union / Subtract / Intersect / Exclude / Divide

    8. Share and Download Export your design to PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, etc,. Share to our template library to get high rank and followers.  

    We were able to put this online software to the test and found it to be very user friendly. If you lack the skills to create a drawing, logo, and/or painting then you’ll find the templates very helpful! If you are interested in YouiDraw, you can find out information about it here. Below you will find the pricing and features associated with each package:

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    Aurora 3D Animation Maker Review

    Aurora 3D Animation Maker software is an ideal software that enables users to create logos, text, buttons, and animations. If you are looking to take your videos, company logos, or designs to the next level, look no further than the Aurora 3D Animation Software!

    At Spears Computer World, we are web designers and tech reviewers. We are more technical with coding rather than graphic design. That’s where Aurora 3D Animation Maker comes to play. For beginners, it allows you to create simple designs with professional quailty. For advanced designers, you’ll find this software very useful to take your design needs to the next level. We highly recommend that you give this software a try!

    Below are two videos that we designed using the software. We created an intro video that will be shown at the beginning our reviews!

    We also did a hands-on video review of the software! It is very brief and gives you some basic information about how to use the software and what you can expect!

    For more information check out the product description provided for Aurora 3D Animation Maker by Aurora

    Web design entails much more than just selecting the right graphics and layout. If you plan to make an impact into the competitive market of websites, most of them looking bland and uninteresting, you need to use eye-popping visuals that capture and hold your audience’s attention!

    Aurora 3D Animation Maker (Aurora3DAnimation on Mac App Store) will allow you to create beautiful and eye-catching 3D animations that will transform your text or logos into original and awesome looking creations! Using just a single timeline, you’ll be able to control all aspects of your animation, including its length, speed of playback, and much more!

    When video editing or designing web pages, do you need to transform your text to a cool animation that highlights your content? Or do you need to create a logo or watermark in the movie? Then the Aurora 3D Title Maker is simple to use 3D animation software to easily produce professional results. Web design is more than just choosing the right graphics and layout. You need eye-popping visuals that capture and hold your audience’s attention. Aurora 3D Animation Maker lets you create awesome 3D animations that will take your text or logos to the next level.

    Aurora 3D Animation Maker creates limitless special animation effects, as far as your creativity can go, to further liven up your creations. Imagine applying particle effects to simulate fireworks, smoke, snow, flame, or the emptiness of space. Or apply motion effects like Linear, Quad, Cubic, and Quit to add choreography like bounce and twists. When you are absolutely pleased with your final result, Aurora 3D Animation Maker makes it easy to incorporate your animation into your website, giving you the options to export as Video, Flash(*SWF for windows), animated GIF, or as a sequence of images! Aurora 3D Animation Maker is best cool 3D text , logo animation, 3D video title make tool. Try before you buy: Click Here.

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    2 Gecko Monitoring Software Review + Giveaway

    Gecko Monitor allows parents to monitor their kids’ computer activities or allows bosses to monitor their employees computer activity. Some of the features include the following:

    • Takes screenshots of all windows & websites.
    • Logs every application used and tells you when it was used.
    • Logs every website visited and tells you when it was visited.
    • Reports what was typed into every application & website.
    • Monitors all printed documents, including times printed.
    • Emails reports to you remotely & secretly, at times set by you.
    • Innovative timeline feature – an easy to understand timeline of events.
    • Monitors all file activity, including saved, opened & deleted files.
    • Does all of this completely hidden, un-hides with a secret key combo.

    We were able to review the software hands-on and were very impressed with each of the features the software has to offer. It is by far one of the best monitoring software programs we have reviewed. Please take a look at the video review we did to demonstrate how the software works!

    Gecko was kind enough to give us ten licenses to give-a-way to our readers! To enter all you have to do is leave a comment! That’s all!  
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    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.