NESBEAT Wireless Shape5 Earphones Review

NESBEATS Wireless Shape5 Earphones Review


Need a pair of earphones for exercising in the neighborhood or listening to music at work at your desk? Look no further than the Wireless Shape5 earphones by NESBEAT. In this post I will list the features and I’ll discuss what I loved about the earphones and what I did not like. Those who know me know that I’m a stickler for high quality headphones and earphones. So let’s take a look a what features these earphones have.


The features for the NESBEAT Wireless Shape5 earphones include the following:
+Up to 8 hours of play time
+2 hours full charging time
+Super bass and clear treble
+Suitable for sports, sweat resistance
+hands free mic
+Noise Canceling CSR + CVC6.0

Package Contents

When I unboxed the contents from the box, I was delighted to find the following items neatly packaged inside the box:
+NESBEAT Shape5 earphones
+Carrying Case
+Micro USB Charging Cable
+4 Pairs of Eartips
+Cable Fixer
+Cable Clip
+ User Guide

Setup Process

The setup process includes enabling the bluetooth on your smart device. Once your device’s bluetooth is enabled you will see “NESBEAT SHAPE5.” Simply click “NESBEAT SHAPE5” and your device and earphones will pair. You will know that the earphones are paired because the light will go from rapidly blinking blue and red to slowly blinking blue.

What I liked about the earphones

The design of the earphones provided comfort on my ears. The part of the earphones that hook around the ear are so comfortable that it feels like the hooks are not on your ear. Some hooks on earphones are sometimes uncomfortable when on the ear for a long time period. I’ve worn the earphones for at least an hour and not one time did I experience any discomfort.

What I love most about the earphones is the sound quality. Once I played the first song I was simply blown away by the sound quality. What I loved most is the volume controls! Once I maxed out the volume on the earphones, I was still able to turn up the volume on the device. Therefore, the sound was increased. If you check out my YouTube Review, you will see why I was stoked about the sound quality. You will even see from the video that I could have increased the sound even more, but I didn’t want to risk damaging my ears.
Normally when you increase the volume on some headphones and earphones, you will notice distortion in the sound quality. With these earphones, I did not experience any of that. You will from the video review how I was able to knock on the table and not hear what was going on in the background. I couldn’t even hear the AC unit on my roof at all when I increased the volume.

What I did not like

Honestly, there was not anything to dislike about this product. My readers know that I do not cut corners on reviews and I tell it like it is. Great job NESBEAT team!

Video Review


Has NESBEAT made a believer out of me with their earphones? Yes! I love the quality of the design and the quality of the sound. I will definitely recommend these earphones! So if you are looking to purchase these earphones, you can find them at the following sites:

Amazon (Currently available on Amazon Prime for $21.90 as of 8/25/17)