iBagbar Water Resistant Laptop Backpack Review

iBagbar Water Resistant Laptop Backpack Review

The iBagbar Water Resistant Laptop Backpack is a durable backpack made of water-resistant oxford material. This ensures that you laptop and gadgets are protected from moisture such as rain or accidental spills.  From the picture below, you can see the various compartments that can be used to store you items. I show more detail in my YouTube Video Review, which you can watch at the end of this post.
To make sure that your smartphone or tablet stays charged, there is a USB charging port. To charge the device, you will need to insert the USB cord into an external source such as a power bank charger. Doing so will give you the power source to charge that gadget or smart device.
This backpack is ideal for students on campus and those who embark on a road trip or hike. To give you a better visual of the backpack, I have prepared a YouTube video.

YouTube Video Review

Where to Buy

You can buy the iBagBar Water Resistant Laptop on Amazon.
Product URL: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XG7XWVK

Nintendo Switch First Look

Nintendo Switch First Look

Nintendo Switch Review
Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest console to hit the market to date. Although the Wii U was a pretty good console, it did garner the amount of sales Nintendo would have liked. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go hands-on with the Nintendo Switch.
First, the Nintendo Switch is not your normal console like the Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Pro. The Nintendo Switch Console is about the size of a traditional hand-held game, but slightly larger. Where the Nintendo Switch succeeds is its portability. The controller that comes with the Switch is detachable and can be attached to the console. This allows you to have a portable gaming experience. In the background is the HDMI dock that will allow you to insert the console to output to your tv screen.
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Portable
If you fancy game cartridges, you can buy the cartridges and insert into the gaming console via the game card slot. If you prefer downloading games to your Nintendo Switch, you can do that too. Most people may prefer the digital download over the cartridges since it is readily available. That is assuming you have wi-fi at home to connect to to do so.
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Game Card slot and headphone port
Most of the games for the Nintendo Switch are ported from the Nintendo Wii U. It is my hope that Nintendo will make exclusive games for the Nintendo Switch that will make the gaming system an attractive option to buy by consumers. In my opinion, it is a pretty good gaming console, especially because of its portability! 
For a hands-on view of the console, check out the YouTube video my brother and I did.
Do you own the Nintendo Switch? If so what are your favorites things about and your dislikes? Comment below!

World’s first e-Reading Lamp by BenQ

World’s first e-Reading Lamp by BenQ

and powered by BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions
provider with an innovative vision in improving the experience of life
in every aspect since 2001.”

is everything in the world of being a product reviewer. Having the
correct lighting can make or break the quality of your video review.
Natural light is ideal, but of course it does not stay light all day.
When the darkness falls, I often find myself trying to find the perfect
light setup to capture my footage for my reviews.
I am delighted to introduce to you the BenQ e-Reading LED Lamp. It has
some great features that I am excited to share with you-my readers. It
is my hope that you will be as excited as I was when I saw all that this
lamp has to offer.  So let’s take a look at some of the product
Key Product Features
it comes to features, the BENQ e-Reading LED Lamp does not come short
of having them. There are plenty of features that will allow you to
maximize each setting you place the lamp in. Here are some of the key
features below:
    AND EVENLY BRIGHTNESS DISTRIBUTION: An expansive coverage of 35 inches
    provides 150% wider than average lighting offered by a standardized desk
    lamp to light up every corner of your working space.
    E-READING MODE: Ambient-light sensor will be activated with a touch of
    the control ring to detect the brightness of surroundings. Contrast and
    reflective glare is reduced on your screen by adjusting for brighter
    illumination at the sides and dimmer in the center of the screen,
    providing you with the best lighting for e-Reading.
    LED: Enjoy different lighting moods for work or leisure reading, simply
    by turning the knob to switch easily from cool white tones to warm
    white tones. When you want to focus at work, turn to cooler tones; if
    you’re in a mood of relaxed reading, switch to warmer tones.
  • SLEEK,
    MODERN DESIGN: The unique lamp shade is designed to look like a
    smile-shaped curve to remind the user the beauty of a smile.
  • ENJOY FLICKER-FREE, GLARE REDUCED LIGHTING: Enjoy evenly-distribution, comfortable and safe illumination for any task at hand.
  • HASSLE-FREE ASSEMBLY: Assemble this lamp in 5 minutes with a screwdriver. No complicated instructions!
  • HIGH FLEXIBILITY: Easily adjust the lamp arm to the angles you need for the perfect lighting.

“When it comes to features, the BENQ e-Reading LED Lamp does not come short of having them.”

favorite features were the easy assembly, the touch control sensor
(metal control ring),  and the pressable knob (adjust brightness and
color temperature). I will go into more detail about my thoughts of each
feature I liked!
Easy Assembly
receiving the BenQ e-Reading LED Lamp, the first thing I noticed was
the large box. I’m not sure why I thought the lamp would be smaller.
Even my wife saw the package and thought this lamp must be massive.
Sometimes, we can imagine things worst than what they actually end up
being. This was one of those cases. I put off trying to assemble this
lamp based on what I perceived on the outside-without even opening the
box. I thought I’d have to use a lot tools to get the lamp to look like
what I saw in the pictures!
was I completely wrong! After I took the pieces out of the box, I
realized I could have put this lamp together two days ago in 5 minutes.
The assembly is really easy for anyone to use. You will need a mini
screw driver (I used a thin pair of pliers) to screw the hinge + LED
combo to the base. It is imperative that you make sure that the LED
light +hinge is secured to the base. The base is very heavy and you do
not want to land that on your foot. Luckily, there are warning stickers
on the base to warn you about this so please be advised!

Metal Control Ring Sensor
thing I struggle with as a tech geek is reading the instructions to a
new toy or gadget. After I plugged in the lamp, I immediately wondered
how do I turn this thing on. I couldn’t find an on or off switch. The
funniest thing happened when started touching various components: the
metal contrl ring turned the lamp off and on. I was amazed at this
technology because I am accustomed to pulling a string a lamp. I spent
an additional minute in amazement on how I used the control ring to turn
the e-Reading lamp on.
The Pressable Adjustable Knob
adjustable knob can be pressed in to toggle between adjusting the
brightness or temperature of the lighting. By default, you will be able
to adjust the brightness of the lamp by twisting the knob clockwise to
brighten the lamp and counter-clockwise to dim the light. If you press
the knob in, it will allow you to change the color temperature of the
lighting. In other words,  you can choose between a cool white tone or a
warm white tone. The cool white tone lighting is ideal for work and the
warm white tone lighting is ideal for a relaxed type setting. I see a
lot of ways I can use these settings for leisure and for work.
The Bottom Line & Where to Buy
spending some time with the BenQ e-Reading LED lamp, it is safe to safe
that it will be replacing my old desk lamp in my office. The main
reason is because I am able to change the light settings to a cool white
tone or a warm white tone. This lamp also will be helpful when I am
filming products for my reviews. It will help improve the quality of my
photos and videos when I am in low-light environments.

So I know the burning question is: “How much does this lamp cost?” Well, the lamp cost $249.00 on Amazon,
but it is well-worth the price.  To better convince you that this lamp
is worth your money, check out our hands-on video review of the LED lamp

Review: MultCloud Storage Services

MultCloud allows one to manage all cloud drives in one environment. If you have Box, DropBox, OneDrive, etc., you will be able to connect all those drives into MultCloud.  You will have all the abilities that you would have in your cloud drive such as sharing, downloading, creating folders, renaming files and so on.

Main Features of MultCloud:

  • Directly Upload Files
  • Move/Transfer Files between different accounts
  • Share Files

  • Quick Search
  • Preview Files(supports the preview of jpg, png, gif, pdf, xls, doc)
  • SecurityTo ensure the safety of your personal information, MultCloud uses 256-bit encryption in data transmission and the authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth. OAuth is a standard authorization framework that enables third party applications to access multiple cloud accounts without username and password required.

We were able to connect a DropBox account to demonstrate how the interface looks on MultCloud. MultCloud user interface is beautifully designed and very easy to navigate.

To better give you a feel of what MultCloud can do, we did a video review of the software to help you to see MultCloud in action!

For more information, visit the MultCloud website! Be sure to signup now and start connecting all of your cloud drives in one place!!

Official/Unofficial Unboxing of BlackBerry Passport with Brief Hands-On Demonstration

On February 20th, 2015, I had the opportunity to go and purchase the BlackBerry Passport from my local AT&T Store. After numerous attempts to find a store that actually had the device, I finally found a store that had one in stock!  In my previous post, I was able to give you a glimpse of the device in my hand.

So in order to show you exactly what is in the box, I decided to do a video showing you the contents inside the AT&T box. The unboxing of a device is a tradition in the tech world that has been done for a while so we decided to do the same.  I will tell you that I did have the phone activated at the AT&T store and I removed some of the productive film from the phone.  I still decided to do an unboxing of the Passport to still give YOU the reader/viewer a chance to experience the excitement I had when I received the device!

In the next few weeks I’ll be getting to know the BlackBerry Passport and explore the features on the device. I plan to do a more detailed review on the blog as well as add a video of what I discovered. In the mean time, if you have not picked up a BlackBerry Passport from AT&T or BlackBerry, please do so! Be sure to follow us on social media (located in my bio at the end of this entry) and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  Also sound off in the comments if you have the device right now or plan on buying one!

Avast Antivirus Review

Often times, I am asked what is the best anti-virus software. There are various types of other anti-virus software out on the market that do a great job of combating malicious software.  For me, Avast Anti-Virus (free version) works for me. I’ve been using Avast for about 4 years (going on 5 years) and I have been satisfied with the product. One of my favorite features is the voice prompts that will alert you of any suspicious activity! To see the software in action, check out our video review below:

Check out more from Avast here.


Need to charge on the go? The LifeGuard mini power bank charger will do just that for you. It will charge your smartphone or tablet. The unit comes with a micro USB cable that allows you to 1)insert into the input port to charge the unit 2) charge your Android phone or tablet. 
The LifeGuard power bank charger also comes with the 8 pin charging cable for the iPhone 5. With a 3000maH capacity, you’ll be well on your way to ensure that your devices keep an adequate charge!
Be sure to check out our video review from YouTube below. Let us know what you think about the LifeGuard mini power bank!

                                                Purchase the +LifeGuard Mini on Amazon

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.