Social Media is the new customer care portal

Social Media is the new customer care portal

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Great customer service or customer care is vital in maintaining healthy relationships with your customers. Poor customer service will almost yield a lost in customer base no matter how good your product may be. We are accustomed to talking with customer service reps on the telephone, but with advancements in technology, the internet has made chatting online possible.

In fact, I tend to use the chat feature over calling a customer service rep unless there is an extreme issue that I will need to talk to a representative about. With the chat feature, I am able to have the chat between me and the representative emailed to me. This ensures that I have everything on record to review in case of a mix on a bill, etc.

Now with the emergence of social media in recent years, companies have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to provide customer care. This is a very vital component to a company’s success. You may ask why? With the dominance of smartphones and smart devices, people are connected to friends, families, and brands instantly. Social media allows customers to interact with their favorite brand. Poor customer care via social media can always make or break the companies ability to reach. Not only companies but those of you who are brand ambassadors and influencers who have a huge following or may be just starting out. Great customer care via social media can add to your following and pay huge dividends.

Companies like Facebook allow businesses to respond via Facebook Messenger. Facebook has an algorithm that calculates the response time for that business. As a business owner, you should try to respond as fast as possible. Be sure to turn on notifications on your smartphone so you won’t miss any potential customers. 

As a customer looking to spend money at a business, response time is a key component especially if are looking for a service due to an emergency (i.e. laptop repair to finish to important business proposal or assignment for school). Below is an example of a page that I manage for my church I attend. 

As you can see from the image below, the church page has a 11-hour response time (50% response rate). Initially, I managed the page via a laptop and then I install Facebook Page Manger for iOS and Facebook Page Manager for Android to help with notifications. Since we don’t normally get that many messages via our church page, it may take some time to get the response rate improved. The key is to respond to messages quickly as possible.

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Coffee and design: 3 Easy Tips to Make Your Day Happier

Coffee and design: 3 Easy Tips to Make Your Day Happier

Cambridge dictionary tells us that a designer is the person who images how something could be made and draws plans for it. Another dictionary says that a designer is the person who devises or executes designs, especially one who creates forms, structures and patterns, as for works o art or machines. Without a doubt, there are many words to be said about this profession but here is my personal definition for it: being a designer means being an artist, so I know that you would like everything around you to be perfect. That is why in this post I’m doing to give you several easy but useful tips that will quickly make your life happier.
1st tip: it’s all about the proportions!
To start with, this part of article is about the principles of a successful design. Thus, I’ll give you some important advices that can certainly assist you during the process of a winning online project creation. Are you ready to see them? Let’s go!
“It’s all about the proportions!” – here is the phrase you should always remember about! And it doesn’t matter if we are talking about sculpture, building, painting or site creation because proportions make one of the most important aspects for your work to look perfect. Needless to say, the first impression is the most vital one, so the desire of your page’s visitors to figure out more about the website’s subject strictly depends on its appearance. I mean you need a perfect project to be done! Sounds like a hard task? Don’t worry about it. There is no need for you to puzzle your brains over this question, as all the most important and useful principles of an effective building were already found and even tested many-many years ago… Hey, the only thing that you have to do today is to remember about them!

I guess you know what I’m talking about and you have heard a lot about Fibonaccisequence and Goldenratio from designers, your mates, co-workers and, of course, teachers. Let’s simply remember these old effective rules today in order to make your future website more than fantastic! So, Golden ratio is a magical number 1.618 that is able to make all the elements of any project look proportioned. All in all, many famous sculptors, artists or architects used this rule for their works. For example, well known Pantheon built in Ancient Greece was made to approximate the rule. What is more, the Golden section was also used extensively by Leonardo Da Vinci, so you can easily find it in all his prominent works. Would you like to know more names? Well, such guys as Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Seurat and even Salvador Dali used Golden ratio for their masterpieces, so why wouldn’t you?      

By the way, don’t you think that it can also be used for the creation of a gorgeous and pleasant website? Just take a closer look at Twitter’s appearance! As you can see, there is nothing hard in the creation of a winning design when you have some knowledge about it.
Fibonacci sequence
In addition, let’s remind Fibonacci sequence! Basically, it shows us that each term is defined as the sum of 2 previous terms. It looks like: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 and so on and so forth. Therefore we have two seemingly unrelated topics that product the same exact number! To sum everything up, just compare the picture below with the image of Golden ratio.
2nd tip: once a designer = always a designer
Actually, the next part of this post is an entertaining one. All in all, a minute ago you read about the old rules of a successful building and, I’m sure, you have already imagined how to use them for your new cool project… In a word, your brain is working hard right now. Still, each of us needs some rest before brilliant achievements! Thus, give you 10 minutes to relax and then you will see that your brain works with new power. How one can relax having only 10 minutes? For these simple reasons, some people use meditation or chatting with friends or even sleeping… Well, I’m a real coffee addict, so in this post I’m going to tell you how to make a marvelous cup of coffee and do it quickly. Moreover, your coffee will not only taste good but look great as well! Yep, I’m talking about latte art!
The Art behind web design
So, here are some easy tips that any beginner may use in order to get an ideal cup of coffee. First of all, you need a pitcher, (or jug) your favorite cup, a latte art tool (you can use a toothpick or something that is a little bit thicker then it) and espresso machine or any other tool, which will help you to work with milk. In addition, don’t forget about the main ingredient: a strong desire to create something beautiful. Basically, to get a success you need perfect creamy milk foam. In this case, take some cold milk that shouldn’t be heated before the process of steaming. I suggest you to use full fat milk for coffee, but it will not make a big difference if you would like to use some other type. So, put the cold milk into a pitcher and raise the wand, but do it careful and not raise the wand to high. I mean if there are a huge bubbles on your milk, it was too high. Here is my personal secret: put your arm on the pitcher and try to feel the temperature. It should be comfortable to hold a pitcher/jug and as soon as you feel that it’s too hot to keep holding it, turn of the wand. By the way, officially your milk reaches 140 F – 180 F.
The next vital aspect of a successful latte art is that your coffee (I mean espresso) should be really good and properly strong. You are able to choose the kind of espresso but make sure that it makes 30 ml and doesn’t have some redundant water. So, are you ready for a pleasant rest? Here are the most preferred and popular ways to create an easy latte art that anyone can use!
Heart: adorable and romantic latte art that will make you feel cozy and can quickly cheer up someone you love!

Rosetta: neat and cute latte art that you may use to feel the harmony or simply surprise your friends with an unusual appearance of their coffee.

Etch Spirals: cool latte art that may be used for any purpose. By the way, don’t forget to use some chocolate syrup or cinnamon (or even both) for the creation of this universal image.

I know that the creation of these sweet latte art designs may look hard, but leave all the sad thoughts behind your back! Actually, they are pretty easy and after several lattes you will realize it. One may ask: why do we need it? Well, as it has already been said, once designer means always designer, so here is a nice opportunity for you both to do something creative and have a pleasant rest before work.
3rd tip: be sure in the power of your online project

Now let’s imagine that your delicious cup of coffee was done and has already been drunk, so be are back to the work again! As I remember, we have stopped on the visual look of a site… Unquestionably, attractiveness in an important aspect for any successful website but what is the next thing that is always in vogue? The quality, of course! All in all, your project should be as powerful and well running as beautiful. That is what the last part of this post tells about a responsive design for your future site.

In a word, a responsive design is a possibility to set up a site using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) media queries and flexible layouts that were pre-loaded for your convenience. What is more, this feature works hand-in-hand with the mobile-first design (the process of website creation for a small screened gadgets and then working up to the bigger desktop version for larger devices) which today is also popular. Therefore, mobile-first design makes the experience and the appearance of your website, when a responsive design literally realizes it. As a result, here is a new possibility for your site to be ideally displayed on the devices with different sizes. Furthermore, remember that your site will successfully transport any type of content on mobile phones as well as on the tablet, laptops or the big-screened desktops!
How can you get it when you know nothing about coding and have no time for studying it? Well, now there is nothing impossible for a modern person! As you may know, today the newest resources bring one a possibility to launch a truly powerful site just out of the box. For example, let’s talk a little bit about the oldest website developer, called Template Monster. The company was made more than 12 years ago and it is famous because of its truly huge assortment of various ready-made and ready-to-use website themes that were created, featured and thoroughly designed for your comfort. Suitable to any kind of production, such themes are easy-to-install and include the detailed instruction on their packs.

Besides, TM provides all its clients with free 24/7 tech support! What else you should know about the templates in question? Well, their pack usually includes such useful features as MegaMenu, parallax effect, commenting system, Google web fonts, live search, dropdown menu and other functions that are inherent parts of any successful site. Plus, there are always different updates and additional options. Surely, you can have the connection with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other poplar social networks as well. To sum everything up, these website templates are multifunctional, so there is no need to look for every feature individually, because all the newest, modern and helpful options were already found for you and pre-packed in these ready-made templates. What else? Today TM’s gallery consists of more than 60 000 of bright templates and has almost 24 000 of premium themes, so everyone can find there something special. Moreover, the company also provides its users with templates customization. 

Without a doubt, today there are a lot of companies that provide such services but TM is my personal choice. Why? Firstly, they are the oldest website developer. Secondly, TM is the only company that provides free lifetime technical support. Thirdly, they work with all the popular platforms and have literally everything to propose you. Fox example, one can easily find on their site such selections as travel WordPress themes, photography WordPress themes, consulting WordPress themes and many much other categories for any business type. In addition, I was surprised by TM’s price-quality rates!

So, there were all the advices for today! As you can see, there is always some room to improve! Keep in mind that you are a personality, so remember all these useful rules but don’t forget to stay unique in doing what you do! Have something to say? Maybe you have something to add to my tips? Or maybe you know another cool way to relax when you have only 10 minutes for it? In this case, be free to leave all your thoughts, questions, advices and ideas in the comments below, as I’m always happy to hear from you!   
P.S. Also, don’t forget to show me the pics of your perfect coffee in the comments field, if you’ve decided to design it!