Must Have Features for MOTOCMS

MOTOCMS: Must Have Features

For the past two years,
we have been using WordPress as our platform to develop our website. Divi was
the theme used for our design because of its user friendliness and community
support. About two months ago, I decided as chief editor and designer to do a
revamp of our website. I thought I could just backup all my content, clean
install WordPress, and restore from backup. Little did I know that that rookie
mistake would cause me so much pain. I tried configuring my database wp-config
file and making a database that mirrored the original site. I was unsuccessful
in my attempt and pondered for a while about trying something other than
It was a hard decision
to try something new and out of my comfort zone because I’d become comfortable
with using WordPress and designing the site with Divi. There were a few things
that helped me decide to make the move to a new platform. Chris Lema wrote a
piece titled, “
If you
use the Divi theme with WordPress, it better be forever
.” At the time, I thought I’d use Divi for my
website and all of my clients’ websites, but as I got wind of other
alternatives, Chris Lema’s article made sense to me. Divi uses shortcodes that
make it hard to switch to other templates. In most cases, you would have to
redesign your website if you wanted to go outside using Divi (someone please
correct me if this is not the case). After I saw that I’d have to delete all
the shortcode from Divi when I tried using another theme, I decided to try the
Spectrum Business website template by MOTOCMS.
One reason I decided to
go with MOTOCMS is because of its easy drag and drop capabilities and the
quality of their web templates. I was impressed with the number of widgets and
blocks available to build the website I desired for my company. There were also
somethings that the MOTOCMS did not have that I miss having while using
WordPress. I will now tell you the features that I think will be needed for
MOTOCMS templates to give WordPress some serious competition.
Must Have Features
Here are a few features that I think MOTOCMS needs to
implement to really drive sales.
Plugins (Free and Paid)
Plugins are one of the
prized features of WordPress. There are several free options available to users
to bring an enhanced experience to a website. Of course, you run into security
risks by installing at-risk plugins that could cause one to hack into your
site. However, with the community base that WordPress has, you will be able to
find plugins that are recommended by the WordPress community.
MotoCMS does offer an Ecommerce
for $99 and it has to be
installed by the technical support team. I do understand MOTOCMS’s stance on
doing this is due to security reasons. I do wish the price wasn’t as steep or I
wish they’d offer at least a free lite version of the theme. I do not mind
paying for a plugin but I do think that $99 is too much for one plugin. I do
think that the answer to plugins that MOTOCMS uses widgets. I’d like to see
more widgets available.
Some plugin or widget
features I’d like to be able to see implemented is a booking system to take
appointments,  and the ability to add an author bio at the end of blog
posts. This brings me to my next feature requests below.
More Blogging Features
The current blogging
system in MOTOCMS is okay, but I think that there are more features that could
be added to really make the experience much better. The ability to allow more
than one poster (author) and as noted above the ability to add an author bio at
the end of posts. I do enjoy the features I do have now, but I think that if
more features similar to WordPress were implemented, MOTOCMS would be a viable
alternative to WordPress.
Another feature related
to blogging I’d like to see is the ability to export and import blog posts from
WordPress or Blogger. Currently there is no way to bring in old content from
another blogging platform or export out any posts in the event you need to
switch themes.
Changing Themes
In WordPress, you can
change themes easily. You may have to tweak the new theme and manage the
content, but at least you have the content. With MOTOCMS, I am not sure how you
would migrate or even change themes to maintain content. That is something I’d
like to know how to do (MOTOCMS if you are reading this please leave a comment
🙂 ) I’d like to be able to use the current content with a new MOTOCMS theme.
Hopefully something is in the works!
thoughts on MotoCMS Must Have Features
Don’t get me wrong, I value security over having
certain features. If there is a way to keep my website secure I am all for it,
but I do think that certain features should have been baked into the MOTOCMS
platform. One step would be to add more features to the blogging feature.
MOTOCMS does value the opinion of their users because they allow you to request
new features that may be implemented in a future update. It is my hope that
soon some of the features that users have requested will become a reality. I
really do like this platform and want to use it for years to come. I want
MOTOCMS to have its own identity but I would love to have similar features that
WordPress has. It doesn’t have to be the exact same thing, but something that
will make one who migrates from WordPress to MOTOCMS say: “This experience
is much better than WordPress.”
I do think in the coming months that MOTOCMS will
release some great features. For now I will be patient and stay with my current
MOTOCMS theme. I feel like the moment I go back to WordPress that all the
features I desired in MOTOCMS would come to fruition. In a few months, I will
be able to write an updated version to this blog entry and share all the new
improvements and features that have been implemented. I can only hope right!

Let us know your experiences in the comment