How to Repair the E1/F9 code for Whirlpool Front Load Washer

How to Repair the E1/F9 code for Whirlpool Front Load Washer 

We normally review consumer electronics, software, and hardware in the tech industry and web design industry. However, from time to time, we like to do random reviews on non-tech products. Most of appliances have smart technology inside of it–meaning it is controlled with a motherboard inside that is doing all the thinking. So my point is that most of appliances have modern technology in it.
Now to the part you’ve been waiting on. If you’re WhirlPool Washer looks similar to this washer below then you’ll want to look at the video below the picture.

One thing I didn’t mention on the video is how I took out the screws to access the water drain pump filter. Below the bottom compartment are screws. You will need a socket and ratchet set to unscrew them. 6.35 MM = 1/4 A quarter-inch socket will work.

How to Fix the E1/F9 Error Codes (Video)

This shows you a way to troubleshoot tour Whirlpool washer if your display shows an E1/F9 error code. You may also see a code for SD. You either have too many Sid’s from too much detergent (SD code) or your drain pump filter maybe clogged (E1/F9). This fix is easy to do without having to spend money for a tech to come out and do it for you.

Beta Testing Opportunities with Betabound

Beta Testing Opportunities with Betabound

If you are interested in learning info about beta testing opportunities with Betabound, you have reached the right place! Please keep in mind that this blog entry is not endorsed by Betabound. It is clearly me sharing my experience and letting others know that the opportunity to beta test does exist! So, let’s dig in!

When it comes to technology, I am your biggest tech nerd. I consider myself very familar with the latest products that hit the consumer market. I wouldn’t label myself as expert just yet. I hope to obtain that status one day, but there is so much room to grow.

Today, I would like to introduce to you, Betabound. Betabound, in a nutshell, works with companies who want to have their products tested by people who will use them–you and I. Betabound collects, organizes, and gathers information from beta testing and provides it to the company that has a product they want tested. What better way to get your product tested than by the ones who will possibly buy it or try it.

I stumbled upon Betabound a few years ago while trying to find cool tech products to review. I wanted to be able to get products that I could share with my readers. I’ve been able to use services like Tomoson that allows influencers the opportunity to try new products. With Tomoson, you have to provide feedback by writing about the product on your blog and/or social media. It depends on the criteria and instruction from the company.

With Betabound there are opportunities that will allow you to beta test applications, programs, and much more. You even have the ability to apply for private or public betas.

While some beta test have requirements others do not. In order to get an Exclusive offer for some of the cool beta tests, I’d recommend trying some of the beta tests that are open to the public and do not require much. You can also choose to beta test anything that has requirements and may offer an incentive. The Betabound team will take into consideration any testing you have done so do your best to give feedback.
The best way to get an exclusive is to signup and fill out your profile. Your profile will give the Betabound team insight on what type of things you are interested in. It helps the Betabound team to get to know you and you’ll be invited to beta test based on your interests.

So what happens once I get an exclusive beta testing invite?

First make sure you meet the requirements. You may not have experience testing the product so don’t get discouraged. For example, you may get an invite to test a new app. The requirements may lists something like the following: Must have an Android phone (Android OS 6.0 or higher) or iPhone (iOS 9.0 or higher), must be on the AT&T network.
If you meet the requirements then apply for the beta test, but if you do not then don’t fret. You will have plenty of opportunitites at another type of beta test. Please keep in mind that even if you meet the requirements, that does not guarantee you will have a spot for the beta test. Once the volume is met for that product, then the test will be closed for new entrants. Be sure to keep a look out in your email to see if you got selected.

What happens if you get chosen?

It’s very exciting to get chosen. Once you get chosen you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In short, this means that you will not discuss anything about the product you are testing on a blog or social media. That means NO LEAKS! I know it will be tempting to want to share with the world about a new product, especially if it is a product from a well-known company. No company wants a competitor to know what they are working on, especially if that product may or may not hit the market. Consider it an honor to be selected!
After signing the non-disclosure (electronically), you will be briefed on your next steps via email. If you are receiving a physical product, you will get information on when to expect shipment. If the product you are testing is software, you will be notified by email when the beta software is ready to be downloaded and tested.

Do I get to keep the product I test?

It depends. You will receive some type of incentive. Sometimes you’ll get to keep the product and sometimes you will have to ship it back. A paid postage to return the product will be in the box in case you have to send the test unit back. It is to your best interest to make sure that you give as much feedback as you can. Any bugs you noticed will be passed on from the Betabound team to the company whose product you are testing. The more viable feedback you give the better. The Betabound team takes note of this so be candid and honest about the feedback you give.
So, if you have made it to the end of this blog entry, it is my hope you will give Betabound a try. The views in this article are my own. I was not asked by Betabound to write this. I simply wanted to share my experiences. I have had the grand opportunity to beta test some cool stuff. I didn’t always get selected but when I did get selected I had fun doing so! It feels good knowing that you are testing a product that may hit the market and that your input and feedback was considered! So what are waiting for? Visit Betabound now!

Computer Repair

Spears Computer World prides itself in web design, but we also love to resolve PC problems.  We had a client have issues with his computer. Pop-ups were coming out of nowhere, ruining the browsing experience.  The culprit was malware from a program he thought could be trusted.  Please beware of some freeware programs because they often install additional programs that will slow your computer down.  Needless to say we have his computer running well and back to normal.  If you need us to repair a computer with virus,spyware, or malware, please contact us now!