FotoJet Online Graphic Designer Premium Version

FotoJet Online Graphic Designer Premium Version

Today, we introduce to you the FotoJet Online Graphic Designer Premium version. We will briefly explore some of the differences between the free version, some of the top features, pricing, and our overall impressions of the online graphic designer.


What’s the Difference between the free online version and the premium version?

That’s a great question to ask if you are either wanting to or not spend any money. Although the free version has features that are useful such as the save feature (as a jpg or png), the premium version offers a few more features that you’ll want to have. The features include the ability to select a custom size for your design banner and upload a .jet project file. That means you can go back and edit any designs you made. With the free online version, you could not save project files–only jpg or png files. In addition, you have access to more premium templates to give you creative ideas for your designs. Aside from that the free version does a good job, but the premium version will give you more style points!  I’ll show you-watch the video below.

Top Features

To us the top features are the collage maker and the ability to edit photos. The collage maker allows you to design a banner with several pictures on it. This is ideal to display photos from a baby shower, graduation, or party event. There are over 800+ layout options available for you to choose from!

The photo editor allows one to apply filters, add text, and tweak visuals with various types of presets and settings. This will give you Adobe Lightroom type capabilities although not as advanced, but it gets the job done!

Premium Pricing

The folks at FotoJet currently have a pretty good promotion going on right now. You can get the FotoJet Plus package at a very affordable price! If you have the money to grab this deal, we’d say go for it! We’re not sure how long this deal with last, but get it while it is available. The offer is currently $34.99 annually (savings of 40%) and there is an option to pay monthly at $4.99 per month. The table below breaks down what you’ll get with the free or paid version.

Video Review

Overall Impressions

Simply put: We prefer the premium version over the free version! One of the reasons is it’s ad-free and secondly you have access to over 600+ templates. Lastly, the ability to save the designs and upload them again is a plus. Being able to go back to a design is key because it saves you time and sometimes you can forget how you designed the graphic. That’s not to say that the free version sucks. You can definitely design and redesign using the free version. The premium version makes for a more streamlined experience.
What really makes FotoJet Online Graphic Designer Premium stand out is its simplicity. The interface is manageable and the ready made templates make it very easy to make a design in minutes. We’d definitely recommend this online graphic designer for your design needs. While it doesn’t replace Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, or other sophisticated photo editing software, FotoJet does have the features to stand its ground in the graphic design space.