Comindware Project™ Review

Comindware is a software company that specializes in adaptive business process management and workflow automation. The company derives its unusual name from the concept of a ‘co-minded’ work environment. Though founded in 2010, Comindware is extremely new to the project management game; Comindware Project was only released to the public in January of 2014. Max Tsypliaev, the founder, president, and CEO of Comindware, describes his company’s latest brainchild as a one-stop, full-service work management solution. According to Tsypliaev,

“Our vision is to provide a single solution to help businesses manage their team work. With the release of Comindware Project, we are closing the gap between Task and Process Management and providing businesses with collaboration capabilities across projects, tasks and processes.”

Unlike traditional project management tools,Comindware Project™ provides not only professional planning capabilities, but also gives project managers unparalleled project executionand collaboration environment for most productive and predictive work experience ever. Dramatically simplify project scheduling with Comindware Automated Priority-based planning. All your project plans are created automatically once you assign tasks and define priorities.  Create an initial visual project plan with
Comindware WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) chart – with the clean project structure and unlimited task hierarchy. Add more details as you kick off the project. Always know your real-time project status with Comindware’ predictive Real-time Gantt-chart. Your project plan is automatically recalculated if the task is completed before the due date or delayed. Built on the top of Comindware Team Network, the industry first enterprise social tool designed to efficiently collaborate in the context of work, Comindware Project makes it easy to boost employee engagement with its unparalleled teamwork capabilities.

We put the Comindware Project Cloud based software to the test. It is very user friendly and there are tons of tutorials aimed to help you familiarize your organization with the software. To show you what the software can do, we did a YouTube video (See below):

Our Rating: 8.5/10

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