Client Spotlight: Bullying Prevention Team

Client Spotlight: Bullying Prevention Team

Bullying Prevention

I’ve had the grandest opportunity to work with a non-profit organization that tackles on anti-bullying head on!

Here are some things about the non-profit organization below:

What Are We?The Prevention Team is a youth led organization dedicated to building confidence, integrity, and to address one of our country’s biggest issues in the schools and communities, bullying. The Bullying Prevention Team provides educational information to all educational institutions across America, to help prevent bullying from occurring at their facilities. Our mission is to provide information and materials for students to understand the consequences of bullying, and to promote a sense of belonging and acceptance to individuals. We are here to provide information to employers, organizations and religious institutions.

Whom We Work With?

  • Schools
  • Colleges/University/Vocational Training Schools
  • Religious Organizations and Worship Centers
  • Scouting Organizations & Scout-Like Organizations
  • Help/Self-Help Organizations
  • Employers, Business Owners, Human Resources
  • Media, News Media, Entertainment
  • Anti-Bullying Support Groups (for Bullies and for Victims)

Mr. Trey Wheeler is the Founder of Bullying Prevention Team! Hats off to you Mr. Wheeler and your team for all the efforts put in to help individuals who are bullied on a daily basis. To learn more about this organization, please go to their website.

Mr. Wheeler