A Look at Canva for iOS

Canva for iOs is my new go-to for customizing my social media posts. I’ve used Canva in the past via my desktop computer; I really didn’t use it much at that time. Fast forward to now and we all have a smartphone in our hands (some of you are reading from your smartphone) and now we are able to publish content on the fly.

What I use Canva mainly for is for post of my instagram feeds and for my Facebook pages. There are many free templates available to use and those templates are well-designed. Templates you can design for are for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Logo, Album cover, and many more. I tend to keep the background image and change the text only. It normally gets the job done for me and the post looks professional even though I didn’t spend that much time.

Canva for iOS

The canva user interface is beautiful and allows for easy navigation. You are able to search by keyword(s) any design that you want to create. You will find that editing text or changing the background image for a design is not hard at all. You can even search your designs that you saved. This is convenient when wanting or needing to repost an old design to social media. Overall, I’d recommend Canva for your design needs on the go! 

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