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Our History

We look out for those who are afraid that they do not have a big enough budget to get a quality website

Spears Computer World  is a website design company in Arkansas. It was founded in 2010 by John Spears, Jr. The company was started because Mr. Spears saw a need to help out small businesses and non-profit organization that needed a website. What he noticed was that most organizations could not afford the high cost of a website. In some cases the organization paid a high price for a design that did not meet the needs of the organization. The motto at Spears Computer World is “Your Budget Matters to Us.” What that means is we take in account each clients budget and try to work within reason to help our potential client obtain a quality website at an affordable price!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Don't You Have Pricing?

Each client project price is different from the next. It basically depends on what the client needs. Some clients require more advanced technical features than others. We do our best to give our clients a price quote that meets there budget needs. That’s why we try to meet one-on-one or via conference video to set in tone a price for design.

Do You Offer Domain & Hosting Services?

Yes we do! We are a reseller with GoDaddy so you can buy a domain or hosting package through us. You’ll still receive customer service in case something happens with your site on the server site (anything beyond our control).  Shop with us today if you do not have a domain or hosting package. Click here to see our packages.

What Type of Payments Do You Take?

We take anything that spends. No seriously, we take Paypal (preferred) payments and we will take cash payments from any local organizations, local personal brands, etc. Using Paypal allows us to send out electronic invoices which makes record keeping organization. We don’t mind going old school if you prefer a hand-written receipt.

Do You Offer Pre-Made Web Templates?

Yes, we do! Since we are an affiliate with Template Monster, we get a percentage of any sales made. If you see a template that you would like us to use, you can purchase it and we will install and update the template with your content. If you don’t want a pre-made template, don’t worry because we will start from scratch if we need to do. In fact, that’s the way we like to do it anyway!