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WordPress is the #1 Content Management System that allows one to make updates to their website from anywhere. We use it because of its flexibility and the ability to create various designs.

Product Reviews

We review the latest in the technology. Whether it is a new hardware or software product or the latest consumer electronic, we love to review those products.

Basic Computer Maintenance

We can rid that desktop or laptop of the nasty malware, viruses, and spyware attacks that exist today. We’ll have your PC running in tip-top shape.

We are Passion Driven

Passion makes your dreams a reality. We are passionate about web design and we ensure that our client’s dreams come to fruition.

Check out this public service announcement from the founder and editor-in-chief of Spears Computer World.

Our Portfolio

Сheck out our clients and see for yourself what we can do

In the portfolio section you can display our works consisting of screenshots and additional information about each clients site.

Our Pricing

Every client’s need(s) are different. Therefore, there is no concrete pricing model from us. We do offer some standard pricing packages; However, for  some special web design projects, the pricing may fall outside of our standard pricing packages. If you want pretty basic web design development, one of our packages should work for you. When in doubt, ask for a quote.

Getting Started

If you are a web developer or someone who wants to try your hand at designing your site on your own, we have the templates to get you started! We are an affiliate with Template Monster, which sales a number of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other website design platforms.


What partners and clients  say about our company…

I have worked with John for over two years. It is always a pleasure as his enthusiasm for his work shines through. He is very dedicated, professional and punctual with his product reviews which are always very thorough and fair.

Nova Fisher

Communications Manager, Xara Group, Ltd.

News & Events

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Beta Testing Opportunity: Ping iOS app

Beta Testing Opportunity: Ping iOS app

Beta Testing Opportunity: Ping iOS app Betabound is looking for iPhone users to help test the Ping iOS app. We’re especially interested in hearing from individuals who may be 60 years of age or older.   We understand that this opportunity may not suite you, however, we’re reaching out to our readers to let them
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Social Media is the new customer care portal

Social Media is the new customer care portal

Social Media is the new customer care portal Featured Image Photo Courtesy of WebsiteBuilder.org.uk Great customer service or customer care is vital in maintaining healthy relationships with your customers. Poor customer service will almost yield a lost in customer base no matter how good your product may be. We are accustomed to talking with customer
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Design Evo: The Free Online Logo Designer

Design Evo: The Free Online Logo Designer

Why Design Evo? It’s free, but that’s not  the #1 reason you should try Design Evo! It also has several icons to choose froms and fonts. It’s fully customizable so you’ll be able to create some unique logos for your company, clients, or personal projects. Overall Impressions Design Evo is simple to use and has
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Review:NESBEAT Portable Wireless Audio Receiver

Review:NESBEAT Portable Wireless Audio Receiver

Review: NESBEAT Portable Wireless Audio Receiver The NESBEAT Portable Wireless Audio Receiver is simply designed. It includes a micro-USB charging cable, aux port adapter, and an aux cable cord. The receiver also includes a built-in microphone for taking hands-free calls. While using the audio receiver, I preferred using the aux port adapter because I wanted
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